Mindfulness....It's Not What You Think!!!

Event Date: 
August 26, 2019
Event Location: 
Gundersen Lutheran Health Systems-Rasmus Center, La Crosse, WI

This workshop is designed to enhance the participants understanding of ‘mindfulness’.  Some of the most relevant research and outcomes that might be most germane to those attending will be explored. Given the immense popularity of mindfulness, common misconceptions will be cleared up so clinicians will develop an appropriate understanding and application of the core ‘attitudinal qualities’.  Participants will have to opportunity to practice and apply a few simple, yet significant, ‘mindfulness’ practices that can be carried into the clinical setting.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the concept and practice of mindfulness
  • Recognize conditions when the application of mindfulness practice in a healthcare setting is appropriate, also when it would be contraindicated
  • Learn how neuroscience research supports the efficacy of mindfulness-based approaches and share some key related research findings.
  • Experience and learn a basic meditation practice
  • Demonstrate the capacity to lead a ‘client’ through a brief “mindfulness” meditation practice.
  • Identify relevant resources on mindfulness practice for yourself and your clients  

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by R & T