Meditation 101: It's not what you may think!

Event Date: 
December 14, 2019
Event Location: 
Palm and Pine Yoga Studio, 500 N Holmen Drive, #519, Holmen, WI

Meditation allows us to see how we have been conditioned to believe that we must protect ourselves from life and its experiences from a place of fear and aggression which hardens us and influence the way we relate to ourselves and our world, and ultimately creating suffering. Suffering doesn’t lie in what occurs, it lies in resisting or fighting what occurs. But what if the true nature of the flow of our experiences is actually quite different from what we perceive and are reacting to? What if we could learn to observe the flow of our experiences without judgment, preconception, or distraction? Ultimately living our life from a place of greater patience, openness and compassion?

This 5 hour experience will be a combination of conversation, instruction, and experiential learning. Simply put, it will be a wonderful opportunity to expand your understanding of meditation and how to use it as an addition to your growth and health.

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by R & T